Posted by: atowhee | August 10, 2017


Some coastal Alaskan villages are not long for this world. In Trumptopia they have cut off money for sea level towns to prepare for rising sea level…like moving to higher ground.
Don’t you imagine that when Mara Lago is threatened by salt-water intrusion (can you imagine a golf fairway of pickleweed?) there’ll be a major effort to get federal dollars to save all sea level golf courses owned by the President or his children? Flooded out Inuits, who cares, huh? Are they even here legally? somebody in the White House is sure to ask.

Meanwhile, more and more evidence is being noticed about how species are being affected by warmer seas, earlier springs, changing climate. Female sea turtles and male alpine plants are getting an advantage but their opposite sex is losing out, putting the whole species in danger.


  1. Today I checked on what Rush Limbaugh was preaching. “There is no global warming. The temperatures have remained about the same for the last fifteen years and the rise in sea level is negligible.” He must be smoking the same thing “The Orange One” is!

    m a

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