Posted by: atowhee | August 1, 2017


VS-DEAD My daughter found this small corpse on the sidewalk right in front of our house this morning. As we examined the scene of the death several living Vaux’s Swifts circled overhead. Were they aware their comrade had fallen?
The body had not been molested by cat, dog, raccoon, rat or squirrel. It was fresh, seemingly, as the moment it died. looking up I assumed it was young swift that had hit the electrical wires about twelve feet up and directly above the body. Probably a broken neck as they was no sign of impact, no blood, the wings stiff and apparently unbroken.
I can only guess if this is one of the young that fledged last month in our chimney. When I picked up the bird the weight was a jolt, as it always is with songbirds. It weighed about as much as a single ripe cherry, of which I cannot get enough during their brief, intense season.
The swift corpse now rests in our freezer…if anybody knows of a place where this accidental sacrifice can aid science, let me know.

THE PERCHROB PERCH Ioften see these perch poles places around parks and fields. First time I have seen one used properly. This one supports an American Robin at Joe Dancer Park.


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