Posted by: atowhee | July 30, 2017


Just across the border from Oregon lies one of the west’s finest wildlife refuges, far from the nearest freeway…and just down the road from one of our infamous internment camps where Japanese-Americans were imprisoned during World War II. But Tule Lake NWR has a good water supply most years and a great waterfowl supply in all seasons. Herewith some July images from my good friend, Kirk Gooding:tule9These Eared Grebe family photos are worth ten thousand words.tule10tule11
tule1Pied-billed Grebe nesting:tule2tule3
tule4JUVENILES: White-faced Ibis; then Yellow-headed Blackbird; then Western Grebe with parent:tule5tule6tule7Female Red-winged Blackbird with dragonfly in maw.tule8tule12tule13
I will be leading a trip to Summer Lake and Malheur NWR in September. There are two slots left. The trip is sponsored by Klamath Bird Observatory. One night a Summer Lake, then two Malheur. This will be just prior to the Oregon Birding Association meeting at Malheur, so if you were already going for that… That trip is Sept. 12-14 with an introductory talk on the evening of the 11th in Ashland. Here’s the webpage for the trip.
Here in McMinnville in October I will teach a birding class on our local autumn birds, includes three evening talks and three weekend field trips in the area. It will be sponsored by the McMinnville Park and Rec Dept. Registration is not open yet but let me know if you want to reserve a spot.


  1. Interesting this was on jpr this morning:

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