Posted by: atowhee | July 16, 2017


Recently I feel like I live in the land of the Kestrel. We can call it “Kestralia.” No complaints. I think it may be because kestrels are done nesting and now they are out and about and the mild days invite their obvious presence from poles and tree tops.
Yesterday Rob Schulman and I encountered a family of four along the dirt road into Baskett Slough’s main ponds and marsh. The two adults and two young kestrels were using the utility wires as perches, then launching themselves out over the fields to hunt. One youngster took an interest in us driving slowly along the road. This juvenile would fly in front and land on the wire to watch, as we drew near it would again fly in front and land, waiting for us to catch up. This lasted for about a half mile before he headed back to where the rest of the family had been. A “kurious kestrel” indeed.
Today at JOe Dancer my wife and I found one Kestrel hunting from a treetop.AK
Below, invasives of beauty: teasel and Canadian thistle even more of a problem than Canada Geese. TEASLTHIST

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