Posted by: atowhee | June 8, 2017


These are from late-May birding day that ran from Rocky Point south to the hills southeast of Dorris, CA.BO-PUT PTClark’s Grebes below.  Bullock Oriole, above, at Putnam’s Point.clgr pairCRAN COLORRust-stained crane at Howard Prairie in Jackson County, OR. Below: Forster’s Tern.FRTERIBIS-ONEWhite-faced Ibis.

TWIBISwil-flyWP FEMWP PAIRWilson’s Phalarope, drab one is the male.wilphlWestern Kingbird:WK ON WIREwp alofttwp feedstwl in sloughWP IN REEDSYHB-IND TOMIRISLBCPRNGAbove: pronghorn among the strawberry rows east of Dorris, the youngster (fawn? colt?) had trouble getting over the elongated plastic dome works.RT BABESrt yungButeos” red-tail kids above…Swainson’s below, with white on front of white peeking out as field mark.swain-pose1SWHA-BARSWHA-TWO

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