Posted by: atowhee | June 2, 2017


cgs-vetchGround squirrel above, Emigrant Lake in background. Lesser Goldfinch in motion.LEGOL2TANPOSTAlong Keno Access Road above.  At Emigrant Lake, a young Tree Swallow showing its brown coloring.TS-JUNGWB IN AIRNuthatch at Emigrant Lake pioneer cemetery.WB ON RUFWhite-headed Woodpecker near Howard Prairie Lake.WHW-HOLE


  1. Hey, get rid of that ground squirrel! I let one stay here and he likes it so well (bird feeder castoffs) that he is putting up a perimeter of poops to mark his territory. I am trying to evict him! So far pepper, deer spray, Dawn dish soap straight have had NO affect. Today I am trying PineSol……….but am not optimistic.

    I hope it is safe to assume that you saved the Brandy Boy for yourself. Whoever gets the Cherokee Purple should say a few prayers over it. It is an heirloom so you can see why they invented hybrids! If the Cheokee makes it, the tomatoes are plentiful and a good size and taste.

    My tomatoes are finally planted. We leave for Malheur on Tues. so I am working like a crazy person with watering and weed whacking. I did not need a deviant ground squirrel to pop up or poop up now!

    m a

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