Posted by: atowhee | June 2, 2017


Yesterday there was a Dipper near the Dipper Bridge on upper Baker Creek Road.  He watched me until I left.  It was late in the day and perhaps he’d eaten enough for one day.  I believe the young Dippers have long-since fledged and are out on their own somewhere along their natal creek.dpp-1dpp-2dpp-3This tie in June there is still plenty of birdsong.  One tune I hear repeatedly is that of the Black-headed Grosbeak.  At noon today I took my lunch out into the garden and the sound there was a querulous quorum of young starlings. They empty suet and seed feeders with a great deal of alacrity and spunk.  They fight with one another the same way. One starling held another by one foot, the target bird dangling in the air and screaming.  They have a repetitive alarm call and guttural whirring sound they make while fussing over one another and trying to crowd onto the feeders, often three or more birds aiming for the same spot rather than move to an empty feeder alone.  The young starlings remind me very much of fourteen-year-old humanoids, so much scuffling and noise and unfocused energy.  Their noise drew attention and about 1PM a Cooper’s Hawk made a sweep of the feeder area.  No blood was shed but at least the youngster knew enough to flap off and shut up for twenty minutes…before they came back, loud as ever.YNG STLNYNG STLN2Call this one “All Aboard.”YNG STRLN3  Even the jays seem subdued these compared to … you know who. The collared-doves and House Finches are positively sedate.  This Downy came in quietly, ate quietly and left quietly…ignoring the noise coming from adjacent feeders.DOWO QUIETRising above it all, in every way, the Vaux’s Swifts that may be nesting in our chimney.V-SWLate today there was a single duckling following momma Wood Duck around the Carlton Sewer Ponds.


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