Posted by: atowhee | June 1, 2017


w-n forageWhite-breasted Nuthatch foraging and feeding young among oaks at Emigrant Lake.  Note the double-holes nest box?!w-n hole1w-n hole2w-n hole3Other denizens of Jackson County: Alleged California Scrub-Jay, though north of the border at least ten miles…Lesser Goldfinch male…Green-tailed Towhee…Osprey…Oak Titmouse, near neighbor of the nuthatch seen above, using same oaks for same purposes.csjayGRASSFINCHGTT SINGSosp in suno-t at em


Ken Copen took this photo on his way home, following my Freeway Birding book to Collier Rest Stop along I-5 in Siskiyou County…where he found the nesting Lewis’s Woodpeckers.  They were busy fly-catching, which they do superbly. Looks like he is about to dine on dragonfly.LEWIS-ken


  1. Great Shot, focus, composition, right place at right time.

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