Posted by: atowhee | May 28, 2017


The second day of our Golden Gate Audubon trip into the Southern Oregon mountains began with the obligatory trip up Tolman Creek Road from Ashland to pay obeisance to the resident ruler, a male Calliope Hummingbird at 3500 feet elevation.  We came, we saw, we bowed in admiration.  Also there: tanager, Nashville Warbler, Spotted Towhee, overhead Band-tailed Pigeons.

Then it was up Mt. Ashland.  Ho hum, another day, another Goshawk.  This one was spotted by one of our keen-eyed birders.  Far overhead, maybe five hundred feet above the Mt. Ashland Summit…meaning this bird was 8000 feet above sea level and soaring levelly itself.

We added several new species to our trip list: Dusky Flycatcher at Bull Gap,  Lincoln’s Sparrow and Cassin’s Finch on Mt. Ashland.  The latter thanks to the help from local birding ace, Vince Zauskey, whom he met up with on the mountain…he joined us for lunch and some birding.  We did see a White-headed Woodpecker near the campground picnic tables. At Milepost 3 we encountered a voluble family of four, Warbling Vireos. One of our sharp-eyed gang found the distant Olive-sided Flycatcher at the ridge top there as well. None of the glaciated slopes were green yet, snow still on the ground in many places and the bushes still bare.  The road is not yet open as far as Grouse Gap. At noon we watched a band of ravens cavorting in the thermals that rose up the face of the steepest cliff atop the mountain.

In the city parks we added many more lowland species to our list including Wood Duck with young, Green Heron, Western Kingbird, Vaux’s Swift, Bullock’s Oriole and female Anna’s Hummingbird on her nest at North Mountain Park. We visited Ashland Pond, then North Mountain Park.

Tomorrow: Klamath.

GTTO-KGThis Green-tailed Towhee was photographed on Friday by Kirk Gooding but today we watched one of his ferocious cousins chase away a Lincoln’s Sparrow on Mt. Ashland.


  1. Very productive, and I’ll bet, beautiful scenery, birding day. Thanks for posting!

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