Posted by: atowhee | May 26, 2017


I led a field trip for Klamath Bird Observatory into Oregon’s southern Cascades today.  Nature was at her most ebullient.  Early on we saw one Sandhill Crane dancing in Howard Prairie’s grassland while two companions walked away. Amidst blooms of blue and yellow.  The wildflower spectrum ran from creamy white Indian plum to purple larkspur.

A pair of adult Great Gray Owls were seen in one meadow near Howard Prairie Lake. Osprey, Bald Eagles, White Pelican, grunting Double-crested Cormorant, Spotted Sandpipers with their breeding spots, two White-headed Woodpeckers delivering food to nestlings inside their nest hole.  Our warblers of the day: Hermit, Audubon’s and MacGillivray’s.  Warbling Vireo.  Little Hyatt Lake: Dippers, family of four, your log along the shore is ready now.  Kingfisher, House Wren singing, Western Tanager male brighter than the sun itself, Purple Finch, Vesper Sparrow, Western and Mountain Bluebird in Hyatt Meadow. Looking up from the male Mountain the sky itself looked washed out. Green-tailed Towhee who serenaded us from a perch less than 3 feet above the earth.  Male Lazuli Bunting. Singing Purple Finch in treetops, heard but unseen.


  1. Once again your excellent and poetic descriptions require no photos to build a lovely vision in your readers’minds.

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