Posted by: atowhee | May 22, 2017


Here some exciting shots from my friends, Shannon Rio and Kirk Gooding…many in Jackson, Klamath and Siskiyou Counties (technically a part of California still).SH-CRNCrane couple above, Cinnamon couple below:SH-CTSH-EGLSGolden Eagle in flight:SH-GEGreat Horned Owlets on osprey platform put to another use. Canada Geese also will seize a platform and not relinquish it to the osprey…have you ever argued with a parent Canada Goose?SH-GHOSH-MARMMarmot above, his deadly nemesis below:shrn ghoSavannah Sparrow celebrates a spring bath:SH-SAV2SH-SAV3SH-SAVWETSage Thrasher:SH-STTricolored Blackbird:SH-TRICSH-WFIIbis above, Wilson’s Phalarope in the water, Whimbrels on shore.SH-WILSH-WIL2SH-WIL3Willet in foreground, blackbird stage left.SH-WILLGuess my name!SH-YHBMACG--KGMacGillivray’s above, very hard bird to even spot, much less photograph…our generic male ducks belowMALS--KGSONG-KGSPTO-KGSTRL--KGWilson’s Warbler, nominally related to the phalarope above.WIWA-KG

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