Posted by: atowhee | May 14, 2017


Here are some photos from a recent birding visit to Jackson County, Oregon, by South African Ken Logan and his wife.  My friend Lee French showed them around the southern Cascades.  Birders are an international community. These are some of Ken’s owl photos:Western-Screech-Owl-Ashland-Oregon-USA_20170418_4825Western-Screech-Owl-Ashland-Oregon-USA_20170418_4823Western-Screech-Owl-Ashland-Oregon-USA_20170418_4818The comfortably housed screech is in central Ashland, the GGO is in the Cascades above 4500 feet elevation.Great-Grey-Owl-Howrd-Prairie-Circuit-Oregon--USA_20170418_4716Great-Grey-Owl-Howard-Prairie-Circuit-Oregon--USA_20170418_4736Great-Grey-Owl-Howard-Prairie-Circuit-Oregon--USA_20170418_4733Great-Grey-Owl-Howard-Prairie-Circuit-Oregon-USA_20170418_4728Great-Grey-Owl-Howard-Prairie-Circuit-Oregon-USA_20170418_4713Great-Grey-Owl-Howard-Prairie-Circuit-Oregon-USA_20170418_4712Great-Grey-Owl-Howard-Prairie-Circuit-Oregon--USA_20170418_4707Great-Grey-Owl-Howard-Prairie-Circuit-Oregon--USA_20170418_4701Great-Grey-Owl-Howard-Prairie-circuit-Oregon-USA_20170418_4700Remember this owl’s five-foot wingspan makes NO noise in flight.  Vole death. The GGO;s have young in the nest now.  Screech nest later in high summer when moths are most abundant for night hawking.

If you bare interested in the book I co-authored on Great Gray Owls, there is info here:

Time to check in with that GGO nestcam in Montana’s mountains, the yountg are getting big enough to poke out from beneath mom’s feathers now:


I hope to be bringing copies to the OBA meeting at Malheur in September and they are carried by Powell’s Books in Portland.


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