Posted by: atowhee | May 14, 2017


Yes, Alaskan towns will sink into the melted permafrost.  MaraLago, Houston, Bengladesh, rebuilt New Orleans, Tonga, Key West, Venice and other sea-level fantasies will indeed have to be expensively protected or simply left to sink beneath the waves.  There will be myriad new Atlantises.  Many arid areas will no longer have water to irrigate crops.  Water-intensive crops like cotton and rice may have to be abandoned in wide swaths of the planet.  Perhaps only the rich will be able to afford underground living.  There’ll be no gated communities, but those with elevator keys for those heading down home.

Right now in Canada there is a neighborhood of fancy homes built with oil money  (full dose of irony anyone?) that are now abandoned and need to be torn down or moved because nature made a definitive statement.  Click here for the photo gallery, including an abandoned teddy bear.

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