Posted by: atowhee | May 13, 2017


My raptorially inclined friend, John Odell, was recently on ship in Japan.  At a port there he took those pics and then asked me to help with ID.  I have only been to Japan once and no longer have my Japanese birding field guide…but check these photos:HawksaBunchJapanHawkkite3kite4

Dark birds in a mass at a harbor where there is sure to be trash and waste and maybe even fishing vessel discard?  Our conclusion: Black Kites.  I said to John, these birds love a good horde when there’s trash around.  I onc e saw dozens fighting with White Storks at an open garbage dump outside Rabat.  Yum.

ANSWER:  Black Kite.  Sukaiminato Japan, north side of far western Honshu. Industrial port. I stayed on the ship that day and counted at least 57 of these suckers.


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