Posted by: atowhee | April 21, 2017


“It’s not a long way to Dipperary,
It’s not a long way to go…”
–Two lines of hitherto unrecorded patriotic birding song


Two adult Dippers were up and down the section of Baker Creek that centers on the highway bridge that is just on the townside of 20180 Baker Creek Road (west of McMinnville). It was about 3:30PM on a perfect day of sun and no wind. A peek beneath the bridge confirms that there is once again this year a nest on the underside.  It could be the dippers have nestlings already as both were out hunting, or it may simply be warm enough that the female could take some time away from eggs. That’s what I thought to myself, before all evidence was in. This species is an early nester so we may expect fledglings any time in the coming weeks.  If anybody spots the young, let me know.  The adults actually have to use food to lure the young dippers in to the water. They don’t immediately take to it like ducks or grebes, revealing their wren-like landlubber ancestors. That’s a fascinating process to watch.

I love digital cameras…I get home, look at shots and see that one of the Dippers had a mouthful of food, collecting for the nestlings.  Dippers don’t carry food around for themselves, only for young birds back home.dippr fddppr fddppr fd2dppr flydppr fly2dppr fly3dppr fly4

Also the toxic salamanders are back in their quiet pool at Ed Grenfell Park.  Look, don’t touch. Also there I saw a pair of Wood Ducks paddling about a quiet farm pond.  If you go to the far southeast corner of Grenfell and look over the fence, the pond is only about fifteen yards away.  They were paddling about.  But danger lurker.  A Great Blue Heron was hunting along the edge of the pond…and herons relish little hatchling Wood Ducks so I hope the female Wood Duck nests elsewhere.wd-mailwd pairdMRS WOOD



  1. Wonderful photos!

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