Posted by: atowhee | April 19, 2017


April 19.

5PM Pacific Time   RB Nuthatch comes into frame on left side, honking the whole time, hangs around making noise.  Owl snoozes.  Far off a flicker calls.  Twenty minutes ago there was a loud RN Sapsucker, first drumming, then calling. 5:05PM Somewhere nearby a woodpecker is drilling a hole. 5:15 PM Woodpecker still at work on hole.  Female owl moving her head around, as she face s to the left side of the nest cavity.  RB Nuthacth near again, honking.  5:31 Flicker near the microphone gives single sharp call.  Mrs. Owl wide awake and alert.  5:32 PM Owl stands up, shakes tail, flies out of the nest past camera on left.  5:34PM RB Nuthatch honking, Hairy Woodpecker calling, then drumming.  5:36 PM People’s voices off to the voice by the meadow.  Just before 5:37 the owl returns from right hand side of the screen, lands facing back of nest cavity and settles her feathers around the four eggs.  Only thing that came near the nest while she was gone were a handful of small flying insects. I presume she was taking as potty break.  5:39 Loud laughter and squeals from the people.  5:42 Owl giving soft “whoop calls.”             6:01 PM All is quiet. The female gives one soft “whoop.”

Thus it was at the Great Gray Owl nest via webcam from Montana.

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