Posted by: atowhee | April 18, 2017


6:10 PM Pacific Time  The brooding female owl begins series of high-pitched “whoop” calls with interval of half minute between each one.  RB nuthatch honking in distance.  Raven croaked past.  Wind is making the trees sway.   6:15 PM Robin whinnies repeatedly.  Owl facing toward camera, looking out of nest cavity. 6:18 OM Flicker begins a series of “sharp” calls.  Far off another flicker makes rattle call.  GGO still saying “whoop” while Raven croaks nearby and human sounds heard out by the meadow.  6:23 PM  The whoops continue.  6:30 PM Female owls does some tail feather preening. Then some on her belly, baring one of the eggs.  6:32 Still preening, now on her right side. 6:34 Now a series of low-pitched “hoo-hoo-hoo.”  She has been wide-eyes since I first tuned in to her camera.   Hunger?

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