Posted by: atowhee | April 17, 2017


A tropical iguana is eating its way across southern Florida. This iguana is imported as a  pet and is now thriving in the wild. It eats only plant matter but its burrowing undermines buildings, streets, walls and pipes. Right now this seems like a real problem.

But with global warming most of the southern part of Florida is destined to be a saltwater marsh or ocean floor and this iguana doesn’t fancy seaweed. In terms of geological time this iguana has only a walk-on part in nature’s on-going comedy.  Unless he can make it to Georgia…

Speaking of GW, a former river has dried up almost completely after a shrinking glacier started pouring its meltwater into another drainage system. This in the Arctic.

Loser: Slims River.  Winner: Alsek River.  Day of the switch over: May 26.

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