Posted by: atowhee | April 14, 2017



April 14: 1215pm a series of low-pitched hoots, high wind, some rain earlier;  then irritated RB Nuthatch tooting loudly from nearby; strong wind gusts swaying both the next tree and the camera’s tree.

12:33PM Short chuck call from robin. 12:38PM Another short series of deep-throated hoots from female, winds continues unabated.  Off and on the nuthatch is heard from. 1:24 PM Ms GGO preens her chest feathers, rain is falling once again, the wind still whooshing past. 1:26 PM She beaks around the eggs, then settles back down, racing camera right. 1:28 PM Another short series of hoots.  1:36 PM  More rain now, moderately big drops.  Ms GGO huddled down, eyes closed. 1:46 PM She is facing the back of the next cavity now but issues a fifteen second long series of hoots. Still raining lightly. 1:55 PM Raven passes by, croaking loudly. More “here I am” than “I dislike that.”

2:51 PM Nuthatch comes down the trunk of the nest spar on the left side, checks out the nest quickly then proceeds down the trunk, honking all the way.  The owl ignores the little tyke.  2:56 PM The mother owl hoots several times, facing the back of the nest cavity.  She has now been in that position for 75 minutes (I reviewed the video). Nearby the nuthatch is still honking. Did I mention that the wind is still blowing?

3:18 PM  Another short series of owl hoots. She is still facing the back of the snag, away from the camera.  A dog is barking off to the left where the meadow must be.   3:43 PM After almost exactly two hours in the same position the mother owl hoots about four times, then stands up, straightens some feathers, lifts her wings, turns around to face the camera and then settles back down on the eggs. Rain and wind are over.    4:03 PM More raven croaks; nuthatch honking; wind gusty. Owl seems to be napping.  Her eyes occasionally open for a quick glimpse, then drop back to slits, her lids too heavy to hold up, it seems.  Owl-napping despite that annoying little nuthatch playing his tin horn in her ear. 4:08 PM Family of primates making happy, after-school shouts off to the left. Owl unperturbed, head bowed, eyes shut. ZZZZZZZZZ


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