Posted by: atowhee | April 12, 2017


There’s not even a re-molt chance that you or I will ever look as good as some birds do now in their fresh feathers of spring.  Orange-crown, male Ruddy, White-crown…and these are pictures taken in gray light, or through a window.  By mid-summer this Orange-crowned Warbler will begin to look dingy, then drab.OCW-AAfter the breeding season this male Ruddy loses the ruddy and become a black, gray and white little duck with a tail erection…sometimes.ruddyThis White-crowned Sparrow will get less crisp-looking, more like a rumpled old tuxedo than one just off the rack.WCSPA-1


  1. Yeah, they are not only in breeding plumage – some of the lesser goldfinches here are parents already! Last week I saw fluttering but distrusted what I saw as too soon, but today this kid was begging and getting a belly full. So neither our wind, or rain have held up Mother Nature’s work.

    m a

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