Posted by: atowhee | April 11, 2017


Tuesday,  April 11. 10:15 AM Pacific Time.  Clear, calm, 31 degrees, Ms GGO sleeping with face pointing to wall of cavity on the right.  Her tail and left wing feathers are folded up against the back wall of the cavity.  Those long, flexible feathers make it possible for her to use this nest site in almost any arrangement. RB Nuthatch sounding nearby.  RN Sapsucker’s syncopated drumming not far away.   10:19 AM.  I can hear woodpecker tapping on tree trunk, this is excavation drilling, not territorial drumming.  Then the sapsucker starts a series of squeaking sounds.  10:21AM. Far off the Canada Geese are honking.  10:25 AM. The nuthatch is honking very near the camera’s audio pick-up.  In background a raven is croaking.  10:34 AM. Honking and fluttering about the nuthatch moves between camera lens and sun, his shadow clearly outlined and tell-tale missing tail identifies him immediately.

10:55 AM.   The nuthatch is still sounding off.  Not too far away a rooster is crowing.  10:57. A raven croaks, sapsucker screams, more distant raven croaks. 11:01 Flicker heard from with two long strings of staccato notes–not far from the camera.  11:08 AM.  For the first time I hear the energetic song of a Black-headed Grosbeak (both genders sing), must be a newly arrived migrant.  BHG’s volume is higher than most of the other birds and he/she gives looong song.  11:13 AM.  Robin chuckles.  Ms GGO continues to sleep–what else is sunlight good for?  Flicker drums and calls.  11:15 AM Ms GGO begins softly calling with her high-pitched “whoop” calls.  11:17 AM.  Something has upset a woodpecker, sounds like a Hairy.  Some predator?  Are there no jays in this forest?  Without them who.s in charge?  If it’s a pygmy-owl or accipiter the ravens won’t bother.  Bring on the jays!  11:19 AM. Woodpecker screams have subsided, RE Nuthatch distant now.  MS GGO also silent.  11:55 AM.  Ms GGO issues short series of “whoop” calls.  In background the nuthatch and various woodpeckers are heard.  Human voices in far distance.  Sapsuckers must have nearby nest because their voices are often clear and close.  12:07 PM.  Flicker here, loud and clear.

7:40 PM. Mother owl is alert, facing camera.  Robins clucking nearby. Distant dog barks.  Why don’t those little birds shut up and go to sleep?  Wind rushing through forest canopy.   7:58 PM. Owl ignores screaming humans nearby, singing robin, croaking frogs, barking dogs.  Long night ahead. 8:01. Clucking robin, bugling crane.



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