Posted by: atowhee | March 31, 2017


Check this out: badger burying calf carcass to preserve and hide the meat for easier dining. Then they build den next to the carrion.

The badger is a superb digger, strong and fast.  It is also aggressive in protecting its young, its den, its territory.  The first time I met one it came out of its den and attacked the front tire of our truck….we’d inadvertently parked over the den entrance on the side of the dirt road and the badger was getting revenge for us collapsing his roof. That was near Red Lake Falls, Minnesota a looong time ago.  Badgers haven’t mellowed.

Here’s a gallery from my badger times at Malheur in recent years:bdgr-cThis badger was digging den in the campus of the Malheur Field Station, near our dorm.bdgr-ebdgr-gbdgr-kbdgr-nThis one was crawling around the cliff face at Buena Vista Overlook last September.badgerOne time in Christmas Valley we saw a Badger leap up from the sagebrush to try to steal a ground squirrel from the talons of a Red-tailed Hawk perched on the bushes, far from any higher perch,


  1. I dig it!

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