Posted by: atowhee | March 31, 2017



It is the best day of the year.  So I’ve been told.  The blooming cherry trees confirm.  The singing birds assert.  The spring air lends credence.  The bright sun out of a clear blue sky is a source that can be quoted. There is nothing secret, nothing hidden, no rumors, nothing in the shadows but shade. Yesterday I saw my first bumblebee of the year–a humble survivor that should be granted hero status.

A Bewick’s Wren came into the garden and sang his affirmation of the day.  A bold chickadee came to feed just feet from head, looking me over and letting me know I was slow and clumsy for him to be concerned. House Finches were celebrating the season, the Spotted Towhees are now a pair. The male flicker seems to be in constant agitation, his rattling call penetrates even inside the house.  Today the raucous crows’ voices today were more jovial than complaining.  Almost every bird in neighborhood has stopped by today.  No hiding from the wind, no need to shelter from the rains that seemed to be endless this winter.  Just sun and seeds and suet and songs and summery thoughts of nests and nestlings.

This is the time of the E-words.  Effulgent, ebullient, embryonic, emergent, esculent, euphony, even effervescent as spring seems to bubble forth all around us. For today, at least the B-words of primate society have been banished from my mind: bombast, bloviation, bullying, bullshit, braggadocio, belligerence, bellicosity, baloney, bromides, bankruptcy, business as usual, banality.  Give me the E-words any day and I will be endeared and by nature’s own epos.BCC LOOKSBCC EATSBCCLVSAUD-WARAUD-WAR2AUD-WAR3Audubon’s Warbler. Here…and goneAUD-WAR LV

Most important for us primates: the sights of the season as the grays, browns and greens of winter are subdued and submersed beneath bright clouds of pink and white and yellow and all the subtle variations that nature spreads across the land like the profligate that she is.IMG_1934IMG_1939IMG_1942IMG_1946IMG_1947IMG_1935

With all that evidence outside it is natural to agree: best day of the year!  I do not need Pew or Gallup or some political spin-meister to make such a declaration. I have only to look, to listen or agree with those creatures who are above the stupidity, selfishness and short-sightedness that so mars many activities among primates.  What do the Robins know?  He and she know it is time for song, for finding a nesting spot, for enjoying the plump earthworms and the last of the ivy berries and soft breeze that ruffles newly molted feathers.

And only nature can fling beauty around like flower petals:IMG_1943


  1. Just gorgeous – life! And light! A nice relief from the daily grunge. Thanks!

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