Posted by: atowhee | March 29, 2017


To get the dearly beloved wall along the U.S.-Mexican border we have to trash a national park (Big Bend), bully hundreds of local landowners (that’ll be pure fun) and damn those pesky jaguars anyway.

Just the legal costs of fighting individual land owners will be tremendous.  This will be the largest lasnd grab since the establishment of many new military bases at the start of WW2.  Then whole towns and  many farms were taken over, the residents evicted.

How many ranchers or border town residents are gonna volunteer to sell their land to make room for a wall?  The feds will now argue the land is needed for national security or some such and how many courts are gonna buy that argument?   It hasn’t even worked with airport security so far. Watch out for those Honduran terrorists, Mac…

And don’t, whatever you do, look into the history of border walls: Berlin Wall, Hadrian’s Wall, Great Wall of Ch#na, Maginot Line…each now lies in an area between fantasy and tragedy where failure is foretold by those with open eyes.

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