Posted by: atowhee | March 29, 2017


IT was Republican-run Florida state government that first banned its employees of discussing or mentioning climate change. If the words go away so does the problem.  This is the most simplistic form of heresy.  If you say it are the problem.  Hear no evil…

Well, now Florida’s approach is spreading across the U.S. agencies as has been foreseen by climate scientists who have rushed to save their data.  If Trump gets the kind of budget cuts he wants there will be an end to almost all scientific climate research in America.  We will have to wait for the Europeans, Canadians and Japanese to tell us what’s happening to our planet.

Well, the heresy police have clamped down at the DOE’s Office of International Climate and Clean Energy. No more “climate change” and no more “Paris Agreement.” No First Amendment in this agency. Heresy will be stamped out. Solar should be banned! If you want federal subsidies you will run your tractor or school furnace on coal from Appalachia!  Will the Trump Admin borrow the effective heresy policing used by Saudi Arabia?  Political correctness police armed with clubs to stop folks from talking about climate change in public?  Will they to cut off all funding for states and cities and counties and companies that refuse to deny climate change?  Stay tuned as America tries to recapture the greatness of 1951.  Make Peyton Place great again!  Ban Henry Miller!  Bring back black and white TV and Arthur Godfrey. Where’s Joe McCarthy now that we obviously could use his ranting…


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