Posted by: atowhee | March 26, 2017


Rain and run-off and happy Dippers.  Here’s a note from Frank Lospalluto down in Ashland where Dippers are again nesting in the town’s Lithia Park, with some help from their local friends:

“The American Dippers are nesting along Ashland Creek in Lithia Park.There are currently 2 pairs using 2 of the nest boxes that have been placed under many of the bridges that cross the creek .   Incubation is now happening with hatching do to occur by the end of the week. Peter [Kriesman] made a video this morning of one of the males singing below the nest site.”

Click here to link to video.


  1. Harry, does the momma dipper help out as the kids get bigger, but still in the nest?

    m a

    • Yes both parents are very much in attendance on the young dippers who have to be taught to get into the water

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