Posted by: atowhee | March 17, 2017


Our Golden Gate Audubon trip to the northwestern portion of Washington took us along the Hood Canal, across the top of the Olympic Peninsula to Ediz Hook, to the Dungeness NWR, by ferry from Port Townsend to Whidbey Island, thence northeast to Skagit Flats. We saw a lot of water: estuaries, bays, open water of San Juan de Fuca, lakes, ponds, flooded fields, roadside gutters full of water.  With all that water came thousands and thousands of wintering ducks. With all those ducks came hungry Bald Eagles.  Herewith a photo sampler:bg maleAbove: male Barrow’s Goldeneye, Hood Canal. Below: Common Goldeneyes sleeping through wind storm at Hama Hama.COGO ASLEEPcome pairAbove: Common Merganser pair; below Greater Scaup–both afloat in Hood crowdHOODY1Hooded Mergansers at Nisqually NWR.HOODY2HOODY4Below: Long-tailed pairNISQ-DUXWigeons at Nisqually.wigeamwi sleepAbove: sleepy wigeon, all squeaked out.  Below: courtship fuss among Buffleheads, Ediz Hook.buffourbuffour2Farm pond collection in Sequim, includes Shoveler, Ring-necks, wigeon.dukmixrbm asleeprbm awakRed-breasted Mergansers, Ediz Hook: male above, female pair below.  Nice hair!rbm-ladiesConga line of Surf Scoter off Ediz Hook, sleeping sausages in foreground turned out to be harbor seals having a snooze on floating logs from nearby paper mill.scoters-sealsscotr lineWhen you find such a concentration of waterfowl, you can be sure the hungry Bald Eagles are not far off.BE-EYE2

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