Posted by: atowhee | March 7, 2017


The American Republican Party and its anti-abortion supporters have long proclaimed themselves pro-life.  What they really mean is they want a fetus to have more rights than the woman in whose body it is. Women have gotten too uppity in the view of this patriarchal, back-to-the-Twenties faction in America’s culture wars.

On the other hand this same party has few qualms about non-citizens or poor citizens getting little or no medical treatment.  The Republicans pretend that opposition to Obamacare is based on the principle of minimal government and freedom for individuals.  It’s really based on the superstition that poor people deserve what they get because they aren’t smart enough or work hard enough. The Missouri legislature cannot find the will to create a prescription drug registry to keep patients for getting multiple prescriptions. One opponent actually said opioid deaths are just improving the gene pool.

And now it’s not just other people whose lives matter less than Congressmen and wealthy political donors, it’s wildlife that cannot survive without human assistance. Now that we’ve screwed up the planet and made most of it over in our own image, the list of endangered organisms should be growing.  But that might lower some company’s profits.  Profit trumps environment every time for these Republicans.  Here are four laws they hope to get passed in Trumptopia [the following quoted from article inked to below]:

• The Stopping EPA Overreach Act. This bill, sponsored by 122 House Republicans, would amend the Clean Air Act to prevent the federal government from regulating the greenhouse gases that cause climate change. The bill stipulates that the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act and several other environmental laws cannot regulate climate change in any way. [Just think of the global extinctions this will promote…plenty of parking places and golf courses all around and damn those Spotted Owls anyway.]

• 21st Century Endangered Species Transparency Act. Sponsored by seven Senate Republicans, this bill would require federal agencies to make public all scientific data forming the basis for the government’s decision to list wildlife as threatened or endangered. The bill is the result of Republicans’ claim that poorly conducted science forms the basis of government determinations that a species is threatened or endangered, a position vigorously disputed by ESA supporters who say critics are trying to politicize science.  [A little late, science is a political and cultural issue in this nation where a significant minority hates expertise and anybody who really knows something beyond a gut feeling]

• Federal Land Freedom Act. Senate bill, sponsored by climate denialist Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., and seven other Republicans, would give states control over fossil fuel development on federal land, exempting oil and gas development from the ESA and any environmental review by the federal government. [We’re still addicted to oil so let’s drill, baby, drill…frack away, we need bigger and better earthquakes in Inhofeland.]

• Listing Reform Act. House bill sponsored by four Republicans, the Listing Reform Act aims to reduce the economic impact of listing a species as endangered by preventing the federal government from considering proposals for protecting a species based on how urgent it is to protect it from extinction [this is the let ’em eat cake law; let ’em die, who cares about the damned polar bear anyway, I got enough rugs already]. Instead, the bill requires the government to consider proposals in the order they were received.

To read more about these proposed anti-wildlife proposals, click here.

We can only hope that none of these bills pass the Senate.  It’ll be bad enough the next four years as federal agencies and the Justice Department stop enforcing environmental laws. What effect all the ensuing lawsuits by environmental groups will have, remains to be seen.  Can legal action force the government to act?  Or will we simply see one Flint water crisis after another replicated in forests, national parks, lakes, rivers and the ocean from Florida to Alaska?  It generally takes competence, concern and honesty to deal with ecological problems. Those problems are no longer self-solving and are usually made worse by those who value only profit or “freedom” from regulation.  Take lead shot…or leaded gasoline…or cigarette smoke…or plastic bags…or coal ash heaps…or Love Canal…or PCBs…or DDT…or oil spills…or PG&E’s gas line explosion…or neo-nictinoids killing off bees…how many of these problems would be cleaned up or even admitted without federal regulation?   Many issues cross borders (like acid rain and polluted rivers) so blue states cannot insulate themselves from Republican over-reach.



  1. Agree. GOP lacks a moral conscience nor does it’s members heed the lessons of past mistakes nor seem to even possess a historical memory. Thanks for your articulations.

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