Posted by: atowhee | February 8, 2017


There weren’t a lot of birds out and about in this morning’s heavy rain.  The usual guys came to our feeder, but out in the countryside very few.  A soaked Kestrel (known in this blog as “wetstrel”) slumped on  his wire perch. A cleverer Kestrel perched beneath the overhand of an out-building’s roof at Wennerberg Park.  A few starlings in a bare tree, water dripping from limbs and tail feathers.  A wet Red-tail.  And then along Shelton Road north of McMinnville this Peregrine, hard to photograph through the rain.pere-in-rainThis cutbank at Wennerberg Park shows some of the recent layers of soil in this part of the Yamhill Valley, that being the North Yamhill River hungrily eating away at said cutbank now.cutbankMuddy water requires soil, and this barren field lies just west of the river.  Its surface today is about half water, half soil and much of both will flow off into the river in those trees at back of the image.wetnessMy all-time favorite piece of flotsam, this chaotic rootball just downstream from the Carlton Bridge.  It;s now grounded adjacent to the Wennerberg Park-ing lot.root-ballLake Wennerberg, two views.img_6753img_6740Even small puddles grow dendroid tributaries in this weather when the whole surface of the earth appears to be flowing downhill.img_6744The raging rivulet makes a whooshing sound as it pushes against cutbanks and willows now in the flood.  There are occasional loud gurgles as some ebullient bit of current rises and crashes down releasing an air bubble.  Pushed by the rushing water the thin willows use all their tensile strength and flexibility to bend and wave and vibrate.  They remain while yesterday water is already somewhere west of Portland heading out to sea.   img_6741When the river rages across lawns and driveways it meets resistance at tree trunks where it retaliates by eroding around the roots.eroded-roots


  1. Would you get out of the rain! You better not get pneumonia before I show up!

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