Posted by: atowhee | February 1, 2017


Click here for video of captive Great Gray Owl in Europe, handled and preened by one of its handlers.

Unlike most large predatory birds the Great Gray Owls can be surprisingly non-aggressive.  Robert Nero, a Winnipeg biologist, did most of the early research on North American Great Gray Owls. His work started in 1968.  The first book on the GGO on this continent was published by Smithsonian, written by Nero, in 1980 (all images black and white).  On page 107 it shows a sequence of Nero’s captive GGO, a female he named Shadow, preening Nero’s hair. On page 127 there’s an image of a female GGO on her nest being petted by the book’s photographer, Robert Taylor.  He later published his own book on GGOs, focused largely on his stunning images once color photography improved.

Click here for video of a hunting GGO taken on one of my field trips at the Mountain Bird Festival in 2014. Cameraman, Larry Jordan.

The Rogue Valley Audubon Socie3ty has sponsored placement of a over a dozen GGO nest platforms in suitable habitat in Jackson County, OR.  They are accepting tax deductible donations to place more.  Please help if you can.  Owls do not next build. They must use what they can find.  GGOs need large nests and Raven or Red-tail nests rarely last more than a year or two.  Platforms can be good for a decade or longer.

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