Posted by: atowhee | January 27, 2017


President Obama likely did not know what he was doing for Great Gray Owls in the southern Cascades, but he added over 40-thousand acres to the Cascades-Siskiyou National Monument, including some portions of Siskiyou County, CA, for the first time.  There are no known breeding GGOs in Siskiyou County. However, much of the added area inside Oregon is prime breeding habitat for the Great Gray Owls.

Below a photo by Mel Clements taken in the Cascades in Jackson County:bdger1

Sadly, it is likely the current regime in Washington will try to reverse the monument’s expansion and perhaps target it for complete abolition.

Here’s a more hopeful press release from the Wilderness Society.

The biodiversity of the region was brilliantly described by David Raines Wallace in his book, Klamath Knot.monument-map

There are openings for a couple birders on two tips I’m leading in the Pacific Northwest this year.  Both trips are sponsored by Golden Gate Audubon of San Francisco/Oakland…but you do not have to be a member to join the trips.

Northwest Washington is March 9-13.  We bird the perimeter of Puget Sound for Arctic birds.  On past trips we have had Gyrfalcon and Snowy Owl.  We still hope for Yellow-billed Loon.  Trumpeter Swan, Red-necked Grebe, many Harlequin, Rhino Auklets and other goodies can be expected.

Southern Cascades is May 26-29.  This trip is based in Ashland and will include Klamath Basin and Butte Valley.   Of course, we will try for Great Gray Owl on their breeding grounds.  Other targets: Green-tailed Towhee, White-headed Woodpecker, nesting Sandhill Cranes, dancing Western Grebes, Black Tern, Swainson’s and Ferruginous Hawks, Calliope Hummingbird, Dipper, Oak Titmouse, California Towhee, White-tailed Kite and White-faced Ibis.

Here is website for more info:

If you are interested in either trip, let me know.

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