Posted by: atowhee | January 26, 2017


Here we have it.  Nature vs. agriculture.  I love chickens as much as the next person, but nature must have her due.  Wheat, soybeans, corn, cotton, cattle…or oaks, jays, weasels, quail and sassafras?  The more we farm, garden, pave and log, the more we push the wild species to adapt to our habitat.  Deer now prefer rose bushes or tulips to wild fare.  City parks provide more dependable water and browse in the arid west.  Coyote, raccoon , black bear, skunk, tree and ground squirrels–all have adapted nicely to manmade habitat. So far man has been very good to Mockingbirds, Robins, Great-tailed Grackle, starlings, Barred Owl and many other adaptable species. Yet we may say good-by to shrike, Burrowing Owl, bees, monarchs (butterflies not politicians) and other species that can’t deal with our machines and poisons. We poison or push out rabbits, ground squirrels and gopher snakes; the Red-tail will still need to eat.  He will adapt.

Click here for video of Red-tail on hen, in downtown Medford.

Click here for interesting essay on wild birds living in our cities.


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