Posted by: atowhee | January 20, 2017


Today the new regime took control in America, insulting Obama and declaring America to be a disaster zone.

For those of us who love birds, who may prefer nature to a golf course, who may like an oak grove more than a casino, who like seeing pronghorn among the sagebrush  not more cattle on irrigated grass, this is a truly sad day.  A day to raise the determination to not step aside for a vision of America that dates to the 1870s when only the will of the white man mattered across the land. This new regime brings together anti-federalists, resource exploiters, and nativists* into a putrid stew that aims to turn public lands over to those who would log, graze and burn.  This regime aims to stop federal money from supporting wildlife research or climate change research or conservation in general.  Mine, log, drill, graze…anything that will profit the privateers of our national heritage.  Make the whole nation feel like Kansas or Oklahoma.

It took only minutes for the White House to get rid of anything that acknowledges climate change.

How soon will all federal websites been censored and all evidence of climate change disappear from those federal sites? Click here for my previous blog on the question.

*This does not include true Native Americans of course.

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