Posted by: atowhee | January 5, 2017


January 5—Remains cold. Hard freeze overnight.  Lut out warm water into bird baths thus morning.  Flock of Robins flew in, one immediately went to the water.  Smaller birds also busy about the open water.  At Wennerberg Park only the creek was open water, else frozen. Saw hummer in Carlton, temp only at 32 but bright sun.  While in veranda this morning sun shone through to hit window and the reflection was distinctly warm.

At Wennerberg along North Yamhill “River,” I got great picture of teardropcicles:trardropcicles

The creek splashes into the submerged limb, sending up tiny droplets of water. Some land on a limb just above the surface, and this water collects, follows gravity and flows down over the curve of the limb to drop down but en route freezes in the cold air and adds some more molecules to the bulge at the end of the icicle.  Water, gravity, cold–simple ingredients to be found in many places.  Here in another beautiful composition.

Some people struggle to find or even “create” beauty.  Many people are more determined to collect the most toys, have the most power, get what they can, cope with unyielding reality. Nature on her own goes blindly ahead, following timeless patterns and processes, tossing off thoughtless magnificence which we can only behold if we notice, which we can only prize or preserve if we care.


The Robins don’t care how cold it is, they take to the field.  First a double-play at shortstop. infield-robins Later I noticed most of the Robin team members poking around in the outfield.  That’s not a positioning mistake ever made by the St. Louis Cardinals or Baltimore Orioles.




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