Posted by: atowhee | December 27, 2016


Yesterday for the third time in recent weeks I saw a Red-tail strolling across a nearby golf course lawn…and picking up food from the surface. These images were taken during a very rainy season and the ground was cold but not frozen.  The air was calm, fog heavy and the bird was alone.  The prey being eaten was too small for me to see…camera, but no binoculars.rth-walx2rth-watchesrth-fiverth-look-uprth-threerth-tworth-walx

Research and surmises about what prey could have been n surface lead me to believe this bird was eating earthworms.

We’ve all seen starlings, various thrushes, jays, crows and magpies working lawns for prey on the surface.  Sharp-eyed Red-tails would not miss that behavior by such obvious flocks.

Less dependable, a bit from wikipedia: “Prey specimens can range to as small a size as beetles and worms.”

Then finally from, a specific mention of earthworms in diet.

For more, check out this 70 year old article on Red-tails in California’s Central Valley.



  1. […] A few years back I saw a red-tail gobbling worms from a golf course, also during wet winter weather. Click here. […]

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