Posted by: atowhee | December 25, 2016


Dec. 25 Christmas Day.  Cold and clear.  Little fog.

Before 9 AM I birded around Rotary Park.  Plenty of Mallards on Heron Pond which has water now but will be dry by July. Not many other birds noted in the cold: Steller’s Jays, Robin, Spotted Towhee (heard only), Song Sparrows, pair of Black-capped Chickadees and rattling Kingfisher heard but not seen.  The sparrows both responded to my pishing near the small year-round pool just downhill from parking lot and kiosk.

Yesterday as I walked Nora in the freezing fog we saw one immature male Anna’s Hummingbird.  Nearby was feeder with a heater to keep nectar from freezing. Later a Robin shot across the street in front of us, pursued by a Sharp-shinned Hawk less than three yards back. They both crossed a second street and then vanished into some garden shrubbery.  Immediately the vigilant Scrub-Jays sounded their alarm, screaming distress to all within hearing range. I do not know how the chase ended.hmm-fedrFew leaves left in forest but subtler growth continues, including buds awaiting next spring.  The lichens and the mosses cover every hospitable surface.lichn1lichn2mossyBath time:st-bath4-1st-bath1st-bath2st-bath3st-bath6st-bath7two-bath1two-bath2uprightBaker Creek in Rotary Park.bkr-c-rk1

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