Posted by: atowhee | December 15, 2016


Last night’s snowfall provided a chance this morning for the dog and I to check on some of our secretive neighbors.deerprnthareprntjunc-prnt1junc-prnt2Top to bottom: 1) deer print, we occasionally see deer in gardens in our neighborhood…we are not far from a large golf course and from Rotary Park, both providing ample shelter for deer in the daytime. 2) This was a surprise.  I have never seen a rabbit hereabouts but here are the tracks. Definitely not a squirrel though they abound here.  These prints probably from the small brush rabbit, Sylvilagus bachmani. Rev. Bachman was an expert naturalist who befriended J.J.Audubon.  The two Bachman daughters married the two Audubon sons and those women went on to help illustrate some of Audubon’s natural history drawing, drawing plants and backgrounds.  Bachman himself was America’s finest mammal expert before the Civil War.  3 & 4)  Prints of Juncos.

One surprise: I found a straight row of deep prints in front of our house which most likely belonged to a fox.  I have not heard nor seen a fox hereabouts, but one would have to be circumspect to survive in town with all the cars and guns around.  Not to mention rat poison.  Those prints were simply round holes in the snow that went down to the ground, far larger and deeper than some domestic cat prints nearby.  There are at least two outdoor cats that we see in our neighborhood.  spto-in-snoeust-pairsqrl-downThe Yellow-rump has realized that this pot sits right beneath the starlings’ favored suet log and thus the greedy big birds are constantly knocking little tidbits down into the pot.yrw-lookuppyrw-seeksyrw-pott


Below is a Kestrel hunting at Wennerberg Park yesterday.  My Kestrel count was prodigious: 4 along Westside Road north of McMinnville, one at Carleton Sewer Ponds and another at Wennerberg Park.  Three along Poverty Bend Road and one along Hwy 47 just south of Poverty Bend.  That’s a total of 10 roadside, pondside Kestrels.



  1. What I want to know is, “What the hell are you doing with snow up there?”! It is fun though……….

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