Posted by: atowhee | December 12, 2016


The dog and Kate and I sent some time around noon at Minto-Brown, one of the largest urban parks in Oregon.  It’s on the south edge of Salem in the Willamette floodplain.  And now it is about 40% adult Bald Eagle was flying south over the Hooded Mergansers and Canada Geese were in farm pond along Riverdale Road south of Salem.home-salem2This guy was fishing in the small creek at Misson Mill in central Salem.kf-blurdThis Red-tail was at Michelbook Gold Course earlier this week:rth-golf


Both the sunset and the moonset were a spectacle tonight with no rain.sunsett7sunsett6sunsett4sunsett2sunsett1moonsettNote the snubbed nose, that’s a perched Red-tail.jethawk2jet-hawkThere were no owls to be seen but plenty of raptor action.  Two Bald Eagles, one an immature. One Red-tail.  Two Kestrels, one seen having a late afternoon snack. Three Harriers, thus Harr-port, including two males soaring the runways in parallel.harr-port2harr-portharroad

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