Posted by: atowhee | November 22, 2016


come-fh1Fernhill in the rain: Common Mergansers above.  Gull gaggle below, the flock which contains the problematic Icecous/Glauland Gull.  gullzRotary Park, McMinnville: mosses are now in their happiest hours, wet, wet, wet and frost-free.hanbgin-mossRuler of all he surveys:img_1557North Yamhill River, turgid, brown and rushing to meet the other Yamhill River.img_1560Licorice ferns’ fronds fond of the humidity.lic-frnsThree pale mushrooms rising from the leaves of yesterday.litl-mroomsNest built by one of nature’s great materials engineers, a Robin.  This nest will weather the winter weather.rbn-nestA side channel of the seasonal Heron Pond at Rotary Park.  The small streams flow into the pond from north and west, then other outlets exit from south and west carrying the water into Baker Creek and thence it flows into the Yamhill River.rtory-park

IN THE GARDEN, TIME FOR FOOD AND BATHING2-hangrs2hangrs-b2hangrs-ccagoingstarl1starl2starl3starl4starl5


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