Posted by: atowhee | November 18, 2016


Our two suet feeders have the usual, regular visitors: Downy and Flicker, adapted for vertical or under-slung feeding…also nuthatches, chickadees and Bushtits who are naturally gleaners and can hang any-which-way and still feed.  But the sparrow family is built for feeding on the ground with an occasional aerial foray if there are flying insects.  They don’t hang around vertically, so here’s how our Juncos–full flecdged members of sparrow clan–have adapted to feeding on the suet log:junc-uipppThe Juncos  helicopter up from the ground, then flap rapidly as they hover near the suet they crave, especially on the recently very chilly mornings.junc-uippp2-2Here’s a Flicker, latched onto our suet block feeder, and feeding easily.nofl-downe

The Donwy on “his” log which he visits several times per day, giving me a strong “pick” call of annoyance if I and the dog happen to be close and he wants a meal.down-upppdown-off1down-off2Signs of winter, below: Fox Sparrow off Harmony Road at edge of Yamhill/Polk County…wintry sky over Carlton…primrose already in bloom near my house.fosp-tcktimg_1324prmrozrvn-upp

Birds along Harmon Road: half a Raven pair above, lurking Spotted Towhee below:spto-tickt


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