Posted by: atowhee | October 13, 2016


Waxwings in our neighbor’s rowan tree…berries now almost gone.cewa-aloft-1280x960cewa-in-rwn-1280x960cewa-in-rwn2-1280x960cewa-one-1280x960Across the street before they swoop down to the rowan:cewa-treetp-1280x960cewa-for-1280x960cewa-three-1280x960cewa-two-1280x960The rain and last summer’s leaves are falling today. The drops come down on a vertical from sky to earth.  Many land on leaves, limbs and twigs.  There they collect at the low convexities and then coagulate into huge drops that finally succumb to gravity and drop to the already saturated ground.  Leaves that were still attached now soddenly and suddenly drop to earth. Street gutters flow with speeding streams.  These in turn are  burdened with leaves, some yellow and some the color of death.  The flotsam of heedless humanity can also be found heading downstream: cigarette butts, candy wrappers, water bottle caps.

First into the garden as the day grayly dawned: a small flock of Juncos.  Sturdy little birds never thwarted by rain or snow.  Later a single brave chickadee joins them…and eventually a single Spotted Towhee comes out of hiding.

In pasture and forest now the mushrooms are energetically pushing their heads up through leaves and litter–their colors range from bark brown to pale cream or yellow.


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