Posted by: atowhee | October 2, 2016


My friend, Lee McEachern, and his wife are in Colombia studying Spanish prior to some extended trips in Latin America.  He just emailed me this note and the following image:

” I’ve noticed a particularly pretty little bird a few times in our walks around the parks of Medellin.  I can’t supply the identification, despite all my online searches.  But I thought you’d like this little guy as much as I do.  It seems to stay in lower branches, as far as I can tell, inspecting the ground for little insects that it dives down, hovers over momentarily and then plucks.  I might actually be wrong about that because I haven’t seen the behavior much.  It might be catching flying insects near the ground like a flycatcher; not sure.  I don’t have a good camera with me; just a little point-and-shoot.  But here’s what I got of this pretty guy:”red-ufo-side_detail

I was happy to tell Lee that this is a Vermilion Flycatcher, which can be seen in the southwestern U.S. and much of Central and tropical South America.  I’ve seen this bird in at least 3 countries myself including the Galapagos and Texas. Last winter there was a vagrant Vermilion in the Sacramento Valley!


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