Posted by: atowhee | October 1, 2016


I saw both Barn Swallow (two) and Turkey Vulture (one) on this rainy first day of October.  Both were along the roads north of McMinnville.  Each could be my final sighting of those migrants for this year.  Then at Rotary Park it was all residents…except for one skulking Hermit Thrush who’s moved in to replace his southbound cousin, Swainson.

This is the only time you will find gold in Baker Creek at Rotary Park.  Hurry, it won’t last long.leaves-rtry-1280x960In this season each breeze brings a flutter to the nearest tree, and most of the time it is a falling leaf, not a moving bird.  Disintegrating as they move downstream toward the Willamette…the Columbia…the mighty Pacific, these leaves will enter the great sea as particles, fibers, specks,  molecules.

Female Spotted Towhee at Rotary Park. spto-rotry-1280x960 spto-rotry2-1280x960  The squirrels were adeptly harvesting the ripe haws in Rotary Park. Nature’s gymnasts were putting their flexibility and agility to work…getting all the haws except the ones at the very end of the slimmest branches which would not support the squirrel’s weight…those will go to thrushes, waxwings and jays no doubt.sqrl-haw1-1280x960 sqrl-haw2-1280x960 sqrl-haw4-1280x960 sqrl-haw5-1280x960 sqrl-haw6-1280x960This jay had a few choice words for me…in his woods. stllr-rtry-1280x960Cow birds, mostly Starlings along Hendrick’s Road…one Red-wing and some Brewer’s Blackbirds were there to adulterate a nearly pure Starling herd.bird-herd-1280x960Squirrel at rest, doubt that he’s really praying…sqrl-bath-1280x960


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