Posted by: atowhee | September 26, 2016


Anybody who birds Malheur NWR must confront Central Patrol Road with the reward of beautiful Page Springs at the south end.  Here is a gallery of shots from along the way by Kirk Gooding, all taken last week.fullsizerenderDawn at the Malheur Field Station.  Owls on view at the old gym.    fullsizerender_1 fullsizerender_2 fullsizerender_3 fullsizerender_4 Sage Thrasher, one of many.fullsizerender_5 fullsizerender_6 Badger on cliff face south of Buena Vista overlook, overlooking us in return.badgerbadger2fullsizerender_7 No water in Buena Vista Ponds.fullsizerender_8 Distant egret and pair of cranes at one of the few Buena Vista wet spots.fullsizerender_9 fullsizerender_10 fullsizerender_12 fullsizerender_13 Say’s Phoebe next to this old hay barn below Buena Vista overlook.saphfullsizerender_16 fullsizerender_17 fullsizerender_18 Note owl in upper cavity; we had inadvertently flushed him from his daytime napping spot in a juniper.fullsizerender_19 Another Great Horned Owl, this one in willows along Central Partrol Road.fullsizerender_20 No water at Benson, but goof birds in those distant trees.fullsizerender_21Coop, was chased by a Sharpie who in turn chased and missed a series of Flickers.  coopThe attacking Sharpie.s-s The TV Tower, “TV” as in Turkey Vultures, P


It is rare to find a magpie who’ll pose for pictures.  This one may be fed occasionally by friendly denizens of the Page Springs Campground.  In good light he delighted.  He paraded across his picnic table before getting bored with our stares and returned to the berry-laden junipers nearby.

fullsizerender_25 fullsizerender_26 fullsizerender_27 fullsizerender_28 fullsizerender_29 fullsizerender_30 fullsizerender_31 fullsizerender_32 fullsizerender_33 fullsizerender_34 fullsizerender_35 fullsizerender_36 fullsizerender_37

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