Posted by: atowhee | September 25, 2016


deer-dine-1280x960Deer pretending invisibility at Page Springs. deer-dine2-1280x960 deer-tongue-1280x960 deermunch-1280x960Note that pink, prehensile tongue. deermunch2-1280x960Nuttall’s cutest namesake, of cottontail persuasion. nutt-rabstreens-sign-1280x960Yellow pine chipmunk that watched us as we watched wild horses on south end of Steens Loop.p2780388-1280x960 w-horses-1280x960 w-horse2-1280x960w-horse-1280x960 w-horse-valley-1280x960Least Chipmunk at Malheur Field Station, smallest chipmunk in North America.p2780538Here’s the same yellow pine chipper, photos by Kirk Gooding.fullsizerender_1 fullsizerender_2 fullsizerender_3Here we have Kirk on coyote and pronghorn:fullsizerender_22We ust have seen over 50 individual coyotes…maybe they had a good summer, maybe the drought has drawn them into irrigated fields close to the road. It was exciting to see so many predators unshot and unkilled. fullsizerender_24

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