Posted by: atowhee | September 24, 2016


Here’s are photos I took on my recent trip along I-5 and then over the Cascades toward the east from Ashland.  First, most unhappy, dust dry Ankeny NWR here in the Willamette Valley:ankny-dry-1280x960 ankny-dry2-1280x960Dust over the fields:ankny-dust-960x1280 There was no habitat for waterfowl so I went looking for songbirds.  This Bewick’s Wren was singing in sunshine.bewr-bk-1280x960 bewr-frnt-960x1280 bewr-frnt2-960x1280 bewr-side-1280x960 lego-ankny-1280x960 American

Near Ashland Emigrant Lake was standing at less than half of capacity at summer’s end, the irrigation season nearly done. em-lake-rbg-1280x960 Rung-billed Gull above, lakebed below:em-lak-dry-1280x960 gr-egr-1280x960 First-year Herring Gull;herr-gullThere were dozens of Savannah Sparrows flitting about the upper lakebed that is now a weed patch.em-lake-savsp-1280x960

Klamath Lake had plenty of water and we found some loafing ibis on shore at Rocky Point:k-lake-lite-1280x960 p2770739-1280x960 p2770747-1280x960

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