Posted by: atowhee | September 12, 2016


Boccaccio wrote of wealthy folks locking themselves away to avoid the Black Death as it spread across Italy. Today we have the wealthy cruising across the Northwest Passage to see the last of a disappearing Arctic habitat.  And divers pouring into Australia to dive the Great Barrier Reef before it, too, disappears. Of course, all this tourism simply adds more greenhouse gases and thus contributes to the climate change these see-em-while-they-last tourism.

Here’s info on the Crystal Cruise across the Northwest Passage.

Here’s link to story about the destruction of Inuit villages as the Arctic thaws. Maybe some tour company can sponsor trips to dying towns on the North Slope?  Fun, huh?  Eat some walrus blubber and chaw down on a sealion steak?

Here’s latest report on how the Arctic species are affected by climate change.

Of course, the drive to make money off climate disaster is not limited to polar regions.  Recent reports show that the planet has lost over 10% of its wilderness, areas not heavily affected by human action, in recent decades.  This assault on un-farmed, un-paved areas spreads from the Amazon to Arctic.



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