Posted by: atowhee | September 12, 2016


Kentucky’s Governor just told the values summit that resisting changes he threatens will come if Hillary wins…it will take everything possible, including violence and bloodshed.

This is just another example of the right wing paranoia around current American politics.  I would say that we haven’t gone through such violence-prone political speech since the Vietnam War and anti-Civil Rights resistance in the 1960-70s.

At least then it was clear what the issue was. Conservatives wanted all-out war in Asia and did not want blacks to be able to vote and influence American politics. Now what are the right-wing fundamentalists really angry about? Black voters? Gay marriage? Rich Californians sipping latte and skipping church?  Women’s right to an abortion? Legalized pot? A black man in the White House? Mosques and black Baptist churches? High tuition for college? A woman who dares to presume she can run for President?  Take your picks.

It is amazing what smug racist and poverty hating white folks will do to protect their status and wealth in the face of facts…back when it was claimed that Democrats were more liberal on divorce (except those Irish Catholics) and pre-marital sex the Republicans pretended to be a party of “family values”…but divorced Reagan and now twice-divorced, Heffner-wannabe Donald Trump makes all that family values stuff passe, so now our Repubs have to hate abortion but wink at gun murders (my favorite mental twist of all those required these days to love our American right wing nuts)… and we have to disbelieve climate change (belief always seems to be just a matter of faith when dealing with science from Darwin to inoculations; evidence is irrelevant) while asking the federal government (that we must especially hate) to help rebuild our houses, motels and boat ramps at sea level after each inundation and hurricane.

Oh, and now the Repubs are attacking the Pentagon planners for their desire to prepare naval bases to deal with rising sea levels, all that’s clearly part of some liberal conspiracy, no wonder Trump knows so much more about everything than our stupid generals.

This is a man who finds the U.S. military incompetent while calling for much more military spending and intervention in an aggressive manner whenever he is personally angered or provoked.  Could he actually start a Second Mexican War over his beloved wall?

Good piece in Sept. 11 “NYTimes” quoting much from the brilliant, prescient Richard Hofstadter  [Paranoid Style by Thomas Edsall] and this piece doesn’t even get into H’s seminal book on Anti-Intellectualism in American Politics, a strong thread going back to Andrew Jackson & all those original, 19th Century homeland security types (only good injun is a dead injun, etc.).

Ex-pat Yankee Dr. Robert Altemeyer did life-long studies of the right-wing authoritarian personality and how it is immune to fact and evidence…they make great dictators, religious fanatics* and CEOs…they are right, period, the world must wake up to that fact…there is no mystery that Trump admires Putin, the world’s most powerful dictator at this moment measured in number of lives he can influence with a flick of his wrist…a certain type of great American has always loved the powerful….see Lindbergh and Hitler, Ezra Pound and Mussolini, numerous lefty writers and Stalin. Trump aspires to be the first American dictator. Nixon was shamed out of putting White House security into fancy royalist-style uniforms.  Trump wouldn’t hesitate.


And the Edsall piece today is clear in forecasting the violence and anger that will be unleashed by the angry, paranoid Trumpers if they don’t get their way. Every black Baptist church, gay night club, mosque, polling place not full of white people, taco truck and Planned Parenthood Clinic in America will be a potential target.  Assassinations and attempts by the violent, the unstable, the crazed will go on. More and more guns will be held by an ever-smaller, more socially isolated portion of the white population. I would expect many more attacks and occupations of federal facilities (Malheur redux), esp. in Red States where the local “leaders” will wink at such action to make their own re-elections more certain.  Red State Gov: “I am here to protect you from another federal take-over. We want our land back.”  [Forget that we took it from Native Americans by force with nary a dollar in compensation.] Or in Texas; “We shall secede!”

Sadly we present-day Americans may have lived the last decades of a relatively peaceful political interlude in the U.S. with overt political violence at a minimum since the Vietnam War.


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*like the minister who said anybody not standing for the national anthem in US should be shot, capital punishment for something that isn’t even a crime…one more reason we can be glad our founding politicians did NOT make any religion required for citizenship


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