Posted by: atowhee | September 12, 2016


Click here for youtube video of a Great Gray Owl hunting at Hoxie Meadow east of Ashland.  The video is just over 2 minutes long and the bird flies from its listening post at end of the segment.

Here’s the description of their sighting from Randy and Pam Comeleo who produced this video:

“We parked at the BLM road just North of Hoxie meadow and rode our bikes there. As soon as we got within sight of the far side of the meadow we spotted a GGO perched on the narrow post way in the back outside the fenced area!  We hopped off our bikes and spent 45 minutes watching him fly from listening post to listening post as he hunted. He worked his way closer and closer to the road and I got some pretty decent video just before he flew across the road 7-8 ft in front of Randy at shoulder height. WOW!  We all know owl flight is silent but Randy said experiencing that quiet flight at such close range was amazing. The owl then perched on a low fence post on the east side of the road and we watched until we could no longer make out his silhouette with our scope or binoculars (about 8:15 pm).

“No cars went by during the time we watched.  We heard a Barred Owl and some White-fronted Geese flew over.  A deer skittered across the road nearby.”


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