Posted by: atowhee | September 4, 2016


Acse can be made that severe drought helped destabelize much of the Mideast so millions of folks now fleeing the various murderous civil wars (which are always highly uncivil) can be considered climate refugees.

At the same time Puget Sound and other westerly points are getting unexpected visits from White Pelicans, a feathered climate refugee. The story specifically mentions how the drought has made it impossible for the pelicans to breed at Malheur where their former island is now a peninsula, open to all potential baby pelican predators. The story was reported on Oregon Public Broadcasting August 29, and today it got national play on NPR. It has taken decades but the mainstream media (except for Fox News) are no longer afraid to mention climate change when reporting relevant stories.

Meanwhile the White Pelicans continue at Baskett Slough west of Salem. I saw them there yesterday.

Today even the staid New York Times has on its front page a headline connecting coastal storm surges worsening…and…wait for it: climate change.  One has to wonder when red states like Louisiana will wake up to the fact that they are helping to destroy their own living places through refusal to cope with climate change, greenhouse gases, relocating cities and farms to higher ground.  Nature will have the last word regardless of what political propaganda you cling to.

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